June 2nd, 2015 – (Video) Global Cannabis March 2015: Paul Stanford – End Prohibition

Every year at the Global Cannabis March our companies (the Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp / The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation) are one of the main sponsors.  I am always invited to speak on the issues as well.  I consider this an honor and look forward to this great event every year.  Thanks to all the people who volunteered and came out to support the Global Cannabis March in 2015!

Global Cannabis March 2015: Paul Stanford – End Prohibition

May 5th, 2015 – Oregonlive.com: Phillip Leveque, early advocate for medical marijuana in Oregon, dies

This was a sad day for all Oregonians and cannabis activists in General.  My good friend and one of the most outspoken advocates of medical marijuana Dr. Phillip Leveque passed away at age 92.  Dr. Leveque was one of the first physicians in Oregon to sign off on patients’ use of the drug after the state’s medical marijuana law was passed in 1998.  He was a regular co-host of my weekly show, Cannabis Common Sense.  We hosted 350 episodes of the show together between 1998 and 2006.

He is gratefully appreciated by many, many thousands of people in the state.  Dr. Leveque, you will be missed.

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March 29th, 2015 – Oregonlive.com: After legalization, marijuana events fighting for a foothold in Portland

This is an story that appeared on Oregonlive.com about the Oregon Hemp Convention that had its second event in Portland.

The story goes on to say “nobody in Portland understands the struggle of organizing large-scale marijuana events like Paul Stanford. The local marijuana advocate started Hempstalk in the early 2000s, and has faced pressure from police and city officials practically every step along the way.

The Portland Parks Bureau’s permitting refusal sounds like an endgame, but Stanford sees it as just another roadblock.

In November Hempstalk’s lawyer filed a lawsuit against the city, alleging a denial of free speech. Stanford is so confident of their case that he’s not even looking for another venue. He expects Hempstalk to return to Waterfront Park, without a doubt.

“We’re still fighting the city,” he said. “This is a free speech issue and they can’t tell us we can’t do this … we’re not going to take ‘no’ for an answer.”

Yep, that’s right, no one understands the struggle of organizing these large scale events like I do.  We do believe that Hempstalk will continue this year as it always has.  I look forward to the day when we can spend our time holding these events as opposed to fighting the City of Portland and negotiating so much bureaucratic red tape.

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February 2nd, 2015 – Salem News: Oregon Farmers can Legally Grow Hemp as of Now!

A really good story by one of my favorite newspapers, the Salem News, about how hemp hasn’t been grown in Oregon since 1957, when prohibitionists went on the offensive and demanded a total ban on hemp production…  but this spring that all changes.

As of today, the State of Oregon has accepted the rules presented by the (legislative) committee and will accept applications to become a hemp farmer, handler, or hemp seed producer.

I’m so excited that we can finally grow hemp in our beautiful state!  I have been working towards this goal for over three decades and it’s finally here.

We are looking at getting a hemp crop in the ground next year.  This year we will concentrate on building our seed collection of “real” (not low THC ‘fake’ hemp) cannabis hemp, and next year we will plant a whole field.

Once we grow a field of real hemp and we can get the yield numbers, we will share this information with the world to help the argument that hemp is the greatest plant on the planet, and the best one for our farmers to grow.

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November 11th, 2014 – Hemp News: Willie Nelson Says Obama ‘May Be Happy’ About DC Marijuana Legalization

Well most of you already know that Willie Nelson and I have been friends for awhile now.  Not only is he one of my favorite musical artists, but Willie is every cannabis activists hero, including mine.

Over the years Willie has been supportive of my efforts to legalize marijuana here in Oregon.  He has done promo pieces for us and the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act campaign.  I am grateful to Willie for his activism over the years and his support.

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October 7th, 2014 – Wisconsin: Patients Receive Oregon Medical Marijuana Authorizations at Harvest Fest

A good story about how forty-eight Wisconsin medical marijuana patients this year got their Oregon medicinal cannabis authorizations at the annual Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Fest.

The authorizations were issued by our THCF Medical Clinics at the Harvest Fest as part of The Ben Masel Project. Masel was a famous Yippie activist based in Madison who started the Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Fest; he died suddenly from cancer three and a half years ago.

The Oregon permit has saved several people in Wisconsin from arrest. The fact that Oregon issues permits to out-of-state patients has been helpful to those in Wisconsin and other non-MMJ states.

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October 3rd, 2014 – (Video) Hempstalk 2014: Paul Stanford – Support Measure 91, It’s Time to End the Drug War in Oregon

This is a video of me speaking about Measure 91, The Control, Regulation, and Taxation of Marijuana and Industrial Hemp Act.  I fully supported this effort and was very glad to see it pass here in Oregon.

While marijuana and hemp may now be legal in Oregon, there’s still alot of work to be done to make sure the law is not changed by the Oregon State Legislature and is implemented correctly.

You can be assured that I will be closely working with the Oregon activists to make sure this new law goes into effect as we originally intended it.

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