February 2nd, 2015 – Salem News: Oregon Farmers can Legally Grow Hemp as of Now!

A really good story by one of my favorite newspapers, the Salem News, about how hemp hasn’t been grown in Oregon since 1957, when prohibitionists went on the offensive and demanded a total ban on hemp production…  but this spring that all changes.

As of today, the State of Oregon has accepted the rules presented by the (legislative) committee and will accept applications to become a hemp farmer, handler, or hemp seed producer.

I’m so excited that we can finally grow hemp in our beautiful state!  I have been working towards this goal for over three decades and it’s finally here.

We are looking at getting a hemp crop in the ground next year.  This year we will concentrate on building our seed collection of “real” (not low THC ‘fake’ hemp) cannabis hemp, and next year we will plant a whole field.

Once we grow a field of real hemp and we can get the yield numbers, we will share this information with the world to help the argument that hemp is the greatest plant on the planet, and the best one for our farmers to grow.

Here is the story;