October 10th, 2015 – TheWeedBlog.com: See Portland NORML At This Weekend’s Oregon Hemp Convention

An article about the upcoming Oregon Hemp Convention where I will be a speaker.  It’s always good to have these events and I’m always happy to speak about my favorite plant!

Please join us at the upcoming Oregon Hemp Convention.  Come out and show your support.

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October 8th, 2015 – MarijuanaPolitics.com: Will Napster Co-founder Lead California’s Legalization Effort?

This is a really great article written by Anthony Johnson talking about California’s effort to legalize marijuana and if Sean Parker, the founder of Napster will be playing a pivotal role.  Anthony gives me a major shout out, which I very much appreciate;

“Paul Stanford did the Measure 91 campaign and the entire Oregon cannabis community a great service by leading Measure 80 to the ballot in 2012. While Measure 80 didn’t pass, it did garner a very respectable 47% of the vote with very little campaign cash. Measure 80 was a bit too lax for voters and for national funders, however it gave a great foundation for Measure 91, which put in place limits regarding home cultivation and possession. (It turns out that 47% of Oregon voters would vote for unlimited plants and ounces, while 56% would vote for 4 plants and 8 ounces per household.)

After just losing at the ballot box by just 3%, Mr. Stanford worked to place another ballot on the measure in 2014 while I was chief petitioner and director of the New Approach Oregon effort. During the signature-gathering phase in 2013 and into 2014, the media would often try to get me to say inflammatory things about Paul and I imagine that they did the same to him. We never took the bait and I would always state that I will always vote for any measure that is better than the status quo of prohibition.

Very much to his credit, Paul Stanford, fully endorsed Measure 91 and worked with us to remind his supporters that he was urging them to Vote Yes on 91. If Paul, or any other prominent activist worked to oppose Measure 91, we certainly wouldn’t have gotten 56% of the vote, and who knows what the impact would have been. Many people are responsible for legalizing marijuana in Oregon, and Paul Stanford deserves a ton of credit. Not only has he done a lot for the cause and community, but he kept the cause first and foremost to help pass Measure 91.”

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September 21st, 2015 – Salem-News.com: Hempstalk Harvest Festival Set For October 17-18th in Tom McCall Waterfront Park

Well we’re all very excited about this years Hempstalk.  It took alot to navigate through the permit process, but we got everything in order and we’re looking forward to a great event.  We hope to see you all there at the 11th annual Hempstalk.

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September 10th, 2015 – (Video): KATU News: Paul Stanford Discusses Legalization and Regulation of Marijuana

This is actually a really good story (video) from KATU News.  They even say;

“we talk with a Portland man who has probably done more than anyone to get medical marijuana into the hands of Oregonians and tens of thousands of people across the country; Paul Stanford”

I do appreciate that as I’ve worked so very hard over the years to do exactly that, and it is good to see my work being acknowledged by the mainstream news media.

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September 3rd, 2015 – KOIN News: Hempstalk approved but smoke still hangs in the air

Well you’ve got to love this title (not!).

It is a pretty good articleThe event will be held October 17 and 18, despite claims from the parks department about drug sales and use at last year’s event. The parks department claimed event organizers knew about the illegal activities and didn’t stop them.

“The city officials who said we didn’t were being dishonest. We did do it and I don’t see how they could possibly say we didn’t,” said Paul Stanford, Hempstalk Festival organizer.

That is why the parks department denied this year’s permit, because of claims event organizers didn’t follow the rules. But last week, city commissioners voted to give the festival another chance.

“What I finally decided was to take a leap of faith,” Commissioner Nick Fish told KOIN 6 News. “There just wasn’t enough evidence that the organizers breached the agreement or intentionally allowed for rules to be broken.”

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August 27th, 2015 – Oregonlive.com: Portland gives Hempstalk festival a third chance, approves 2015 waterfront event

We finally got the City of Portland to issue a permit for us to have our free, annual Hempstalk event at Waterfront Park this year.  The event will be held on October 17th and 18th.  We hope to see you all there!

It was a long, tiresome process, but in the end truth prevailed.  The city voted to overturn the original denial of our permit.  Even normally conservative City Commissioner Dan Saltzman agreed that the City was applying a “double standard” to our event, as many other events held at Waterfront Park have rampant marijuana use.

So folks, we are on for another great event.  For more information please visit the Hempstalk website at http://www.Hempstalk.org

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August 6th, 2015 – Oregonlive.com: Hempstalk festival ‘will never surrender,’ leader appeals Portland permit denial for second time

Here we go again!  Another round of wasteful arguing with the City of Portland over whether or not they should issue our annual Hempstalk event another permit.  If you look at all the time and money the City of Portland has wasted on this back and forth game it’s shocking.  Don’t they have better things to do in our great city than try to hassle us about our event?

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July 10th, 2015: Salem News: 710 Festival Bursts Its Seams and Moves to Keizer

A good article from Salem news talking about the 710 Cannabis Festival, which is in its second year.  The goal of this festival is to bring the recreational marijuana and OMMP community together to form a unity, to bring all aspects in of medical and legal marijuana to answer questions, show products that can be used to medicate or recreate.

I’ll be speaking at 4:15pm, so if you can come out to this event to show your support I’d really appreciate it!

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July 1st, 2015 – The Weed Blog: Thousands Turn Out For “Burnside Burn” Celebration Of Marijuana Legalization In Oregon

Boy am I happy about legalization in Oregon!  Apparently I’m not the only one.  Thousands of people turned out to celebrate Oregon’s legalization at the stroke of midnight on July 1st.  They called this epic event the “Burnside Burn”.  I’d say that is an appropriate name!  Thanks to Radical Russ for organizing the event and giving me props.  Russ was quoted as saying;

“and we wouldn’t be celebrating this day in Oregon without the hard work of long time Oregon activists like Paul Stanford, John Sajo, Doug McVay, Madeline Martinez, and so many more, including those we’ve recently lost like Jim Klahr, Jim Grieg, Melodie Silverwolf, and Larry Kirk.”

I do appreciate that Russ!

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